St Mark's Gillingham


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Annual Church Meeting

Sunday 22 May at 3.00pm in church

The Annual Church Meeting will comprise: 
  • The Annual Meeting of Parishioners for the election of churchwardens.
  • The Annual Parochial Church Meeting.  This is the main meeting where we will review the past year (2021) with presentations and look forward to what is ahead.  The PCC and Deanery Synod members will be elected and there will be an opportunity for you to ask questions.
To attend both meetings, participate and vote you will need to be on the Church Electoral Roll.* 


Nomination Forms

If you wish to nominate someone for Churchwarden, PCC Member or Deanery Synod Member, please seek their agreement first and also obtain a seconder.  Nomination Forms are available in church and can be downloaded below.  Please read the requirements for election, that are included with the form, before nominating. 

Churchwarden Nomination Form - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD


Deanery Synod Nomination Form - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD  

If you have any questions, please mail the PCC Secretary - or call 01634 855792.

We will use the nomination data you provide in accordance with the Church Representation Rules.

APCM Reports 

To view or download reports, click below.  

APCM 2022 - Annual Report and Accounts for year ending 2021


APCM 2022 - Agenda, Minutes, Statutory and Additional Reports


Supplementary Report from Medway Foodbank Centre 


* Members of the local government register of electors by virtue of residence in this parish may nominate, vote and participate in the Annual Meeting of Parishioners for the election of Churchwardens.