Other Audio

This is a page for audio other than normal Sunday sermons.
To find other audio which is not listed here, please use THIS LINK to go to the general audio files where you can search by speaker, Bible passage , date etc., and also have the option to download files.


Easter morning 2017 - The Resurrection - Peter Guinness 16/04/2017am


Tear Fund - Hunger and what we can do to make the world a better place - Liz Resch 5/3/2017am

Reconciliation - Haris Giannaros at United service for North Gillingham churches 22/1/2017pm


Mission to India meeting 9th January 2017


Questions Evening - 27/11/16 evening service

What is Church? - Saju Muthalaly 30/10/16am

Baptism of Children - Saju Muthalaly 29/5/16am

Christian Aid and the Prophetic Church - David Muir 15/5/16pm (United Service)

Pentecost - Saju 15/5/16am

Interview with Paul Perkin 8/5/16

The Chris Tozer tribute to the Englands on their last Sunday

Tear Fund Connections - Nadine Parkinson