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Sunday Evening Bible Studies

This is a new venture for St Mark's, using our Sunday evenings to resource not only ourselves, but the wider church locally.

These study evenings are aimed to mix the in-depth teaching of the Bible with the accessibility of being able to question the Bible teacher, and make comments from the floor. The style will also be different in that the evening will be led by another member of the team who will also have looked at the bible passage and be able to add other angles (and possible even challenge the main speaker!).

The seating will be arranged to be more informal, and there will be drinks available throughout the evening to help with the relaxed atmosphere - or just to provide a diversion if things get a bit heavy!

The evenings will be recorded and posted here, together with any notes or further information the main speaker produces.


Meet the Home Team


#1 - 14 May 2017

#2 - 11 June 2017 - Hebrews - Graham Wilkins


#3 - 9 July 2017 - Exodus - Bernie Pinner


Graham Wilkins, 03/05/2017