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Teaching Session #35 - Sun 13th Dec 6.30pm
Jesus as the Messiah

Main speaker - Bogi Kozma (Christian Witness to Israel)
Leader for the evening - David Wilkins

David writes:
"Bogi Kozma will be joining us from Budapest, and bringing us a view of Jesus in the Old Testament from a Jewish perspective. What does it mean that Jesus (Yeshua as Jewish people call him) was the Messiah. He grew up a Jew, and lived among Jewish people with that background and culture."

Have your Bible ready, bring an open and enquiring mind and as always plenty of questions.

 6.30pm  |  Talk  |  Facebook 
~7.10pm | Q&A Discussion | Facebook 
(to watch and use comments) or Zoom (to participate)
(Please note the Zoom discussion will be streamed to the Facebook so will be public.)

Join the Zoom Meeting [Meeting ID: 894 3048 3430 | Passcode: tbc ]


Resources available after the session:

Since the Bible Stream is now streamed online, there is the option to watch the video, or still just the audio as previously.  
       Bible teaching video
       Bible teaching audio
       Comments and Discussion video
       Comments and Discussion audio
Graham Wilkins, 10/11/2020